Russian Structured Products

13 September 2018, Moscow
Baltschug Kempinski

About Conference

Anna Kuznetsova
Member of the Executive Board
Moscow Exchange

«The Moscow Stock Exchange invites you to take part in the third annual Russian Structure Products Conference. Changing in legislation of structural products allows us to start the discussion into a practical plane. We will have a unique opportunity to form the feedback and position of the participants for the further development of the market for structural bonds».

«Dear friends! I’m happy to invite you to the annual NAUFOR-MOEX conference devoted to the market of structural products in Russia. Recent legislative amendments seriously affected the market. Therefore, NAUFOR, self-regulating organization, is getting ready for a new challenges associated with repatriation and restructuring of business, issuance and offering of structured products. I’m sure that discussion among such a professional audience will help us to determine the rules of the game and unite forces for the development of this market».

Alexey Timofeev
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Setting better regulation of the structured product market


Elena Kuritsyna, Bank of Russia

Anna Kuznetsova, Moscow Exchange

Alexey Timofeev, NAUFOR

Maksim Danilov, ARIA

Edward Golosov, BCS Capital

Pavel Vasiliev, Sberbank CIB


Moderator: Kirill Pestov, Moscow Exchange



Topics for discussion:

  • Major changes in the regulation following the introduction of the new act
  • Further steps to be undertaken by the regulator to improve the regulatory framework of the structured product market
  • Features of a structured bond issue; the prospects of the law aimed to simplify the bond issues procedures
  • The role of self-regulating organizations in developing standards of structured product offerings and disclosure
  • Structure product risk classification
  • Overview of the European structured product markets
  • Categories of investors eligible for structured bonds; criteria for structured bonds intended for non-qualified investors and collective investment
  • Differences in the regulation of structured products in the contractual and securitized forms


The future of the structured product market in Russia


Pavel Vasiliev, Sberbank CIB

Eric Barthe, Leonteq Securities. Presentation «Designing Structured Products for performance»

Gleb Shevelenkov, Moscow Exchange

Franz Hep, BCS Capital

Denis Anoshin, Alfa-Bank

Yaroslav Podsevatkin, ATON

Dimitri Feofanov, Leonteq Securities

Alexey Kachalov, VTB


Moderator: Elvira Borzunova, NAUFOR


Topics for discussion:

  • Key factors preventing the development of the structured product market in Russia
  • Most popular types of structured products on the Russian market in the coming years
  • Specifics of the Russian structured product market
  • Criteria for structured bonds intended for non-qualified investors
  • Resolving whether the prescribed list of underlying assets is clear and full
  • Maintaining buy/sell quotes by issuers
  • Professional market participant’s responsibility before investors
  • Forms and scope of information to be released at selling of a structured bond

Coffee break

Legal aspects of structured products issuing and its turnover


Alexander Skoryukin, Bank of Russia

Pavel Filimoshin, Bank of Russia

Oleg Ushakov, EPAM

Mikhail Malinovsky, LECAP

Oleg Bychkov, EMPP

Andrey Murygin, Linklaters


Moderator: Alexander Anichkin, Сlifford Chance



Topics for discussion:

  • Creating SPVs under the Russian law
  • Collateral deposits
  • The term “complicated financial product” in the regulation
  • Closing-out netting option
  • Reducing the risk of trade contestation
  • Reasons for developing the standards

Coffee break

Accounting and taxation of structured products


Alexander Mukhachev, Federal Tax Service of Russia

Tatiana Delizhanova, Otkritie Broker

Ivan Sychev, Ernst & Young

Alla Talacheva, Renaissance Capital

Olga Danelyan, BCS


Moderator: Vladimir Murzin, Moscow Exchange



Topics for discussion:

  • Features of accounting for structured bonds
  • Determining the market/settlement price of a bond
  • Portfolio value; daily VaR estimates
        • Taxation of structured products
        • Problems with taxation of individual investors


Anna Kuznetsova

Managing Director of Securities Market, Member of the Executive Board, Moscow Exchange

Alexey Timofeev

President of NAUFOR

Elvira Borzunova

President’s advisor NAUFOR

Kirill Pestov

Managin Director of Business Development Department, Moscow Exchange

Franz Hep

Managing Director, Global Head of Structured Products, BCS Capital

Pavel Vasilyev

Director, Structured Products Department, Sberbank CIB

Dimitri Feofanov

Client Relationship Officer, Leonteq Securities

Alexander Anichkin

Partner, head of tax and financial regulation practice, Сlifford Chance

Alexander Skoryukin

Economic Advisor, Bank of Russia

Oleg Ushakov

Senior Associate, Law Offices EPAM

Mikhail Malinovsky

Partner, LECAP

Oleg Bychkov

Partner, EMPP

Tatiana Delizhanova

Chief Accountant, OTKRITIE Broker

Yaroslav Podsevatkin

Partner, Head of Trading, ATON

Eric Barthe

Global Head of Structuring, Leonteq Securities

Edward Golosov

CEO, BCS Capital, Deputy CEO for Investment and Insurance Business, BCS Financial Group Member of the Executive Board

Gleb Shevelenkov

Head of Debt Capital Markets Moscow Exchange

Denis Anoshin

Director, Structured Products, Alfa-Bank

Vladimir Murzin

Tax Director, Moscow Exchange

Andrey Murygin

Partner, Linklaters

Alla Talacheva

Tax Director, Renaissance group

Alexey Kachalov

Director, Structured products, VTB Capital Investments


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Conference Venue:
Vladimir Hall, Hotel Baltschug Kempinski,
Moscow, Balchug St.1, 2 floor